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I was extremely pleased with my oral surgery at California Oral and Facial Surgery. I had a root canal that had gone bad over the last year or so. I hesitated to get treatment because my previous dental group was a disappointment in quality of work and communications. The outbreak of COVID-19 also delayed me taking action. Eventually I made a break and was referred to Dr. William S. Osibin III, DDS at California Oral and Facial Surgery. It was a total change, for the better. I had an extraction performed with bone graft. Dr. Osibin’s work was painless, extremely professional, very high quality and also fast, and yet affordably priced. I was treated with great respect and courtesy. I would strongly urge those needing oral and facial surgery to consider this East bay treasure.

Larry Madison

This is my first visit. The Doctor was knowledgeable and asked the correct questions for my conditions and history. Looking forward to resolving my situation.

Dennis de Caccia

I developed an infected molar late on a Friday an found only one emergency dentist to take me the next day after I made it clear that the tooth had all the signs of needing extraction.. This dentist, took an x ray, gave me a quick look, a prescription for basic penicillin, a referral to another dentist for Monday, and a bill for well over $100. I left in agony.

I spent the next two days trying to find a dentist to take me on an emergency basis as the pain and swelling were growing worse. I finally found this practice late on Monday. They saw me the next day late morning. Despite my less-than-pleasant nature after three days of ever growing pain and no sleep, they quickly took an x ray and my forms and Dr. Tang arrived like an angel from heaven. After seeing my condition (I was at my wit’s end by then), he pushed off other patients and performed the extraction immediately! I won’t forget his compassion.

The staff is pleasant and efficient an the price reasonable especially for my emergency needs. I’d recommend this expertly trained oral surgeon to anyone! On top of it all he’s a pleasant guy!

James L Mesler

I have worked for oral surgeons, and California Oral & Facial Surgery in Alameda is one of the best I have seen; incredibly conscientious and careful as well as personable. This is a great choice if you are in need of dental care/ oral surgery!

Kyle M.

My doctor was able to perform full arch lower jaw implants when 2 other oral surgeons told me it was not possible due to the condition of my lower jaw bone structure and a problem with teeth grinding that would destroy any crowns that would be placed on the implants and that dentures would not be an option for me because of my lower jaw condition. These other doctors said it would not be the end of the world if I would be without teeth, which was not an acceptable situation for me being in my early 50’s and working as a professional dealing with people all day. She had no hesitation in accepting my case, and two and a half years later I have had no problems or issues with the implants or crowns placed on the implants. I liked her straightforward approach to how she would handle my case, and she did not sugarcoat anything. My implants and crowns are stronger than my own upper jaw teeth and as she told me at the time I would need to come back and have my upper jaw placed with implants as the top teeth would eventually wear down. I did not have the upper jaw done at that time due to cost considerations. I will be going back for the remaining work on my upper jaw as she did such an exceptional job the first time around. I highly recommend her for any implant work you need done.

Dennis D.

The team at California Oral and Facial Surgery is the only dentist in my life to give me an injection & extract a tooth w/out any pain  It happened so fast I did not realize it! I highly recommend!

Lydia R.

The staff is really nice and makes the whole wisdom tooth extraction seem less frightening. I would definitely recommend this place to others. They have given me absolutely no reason to complain.

Evelyn P.

All the staff worked EXTRA hard to get my son in….we had insurance issues but we didn’t give up, finally in to see the Dr. who was quick ,gentle and extremely kind to my son. I recommend her to anyone whom needs to see an Oral Surgeon. The attitude, thestyle and the staff ROCKS …..! Please check them out before you go anywhere else, you will be very pleased and at ease. Thank you Dr! !!

Debra S.

I am terrified of dentists and they put me under, took my tooth out so fast when I awoke I didn’t even realize we were done. The team made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

Adriannea S.

i just got my wisdom teeth pulled out & i love all the service there ….. i totally recommend this place

Alondra M.

Went in for an impacked wisdom with one infarction (on penicillin) and was able to get in done that day . im so happy i got it out and recovering. The employees in front and in back where so helpful i enjoyed going to this office. I would recommend to anyone

Flaca B.

If I could give 10 stars to this place, I would! They deserve it!
Coming here was the best decision.
The team is great! They took care of me.

Anna G.

This team is excellent. My dentist advised me to have an impacted wisdom tooth extracted because it was growing into the root of the molar next to it. I didn’t want to have oral surgery as this caused me anxiety, but my dentist said “if you don’t remove that one, eventually you will have to remove them both because that molar will die.”
Family members recommended this place, and after consulting with the doctor I went through with the surgery. Everything went perfectly, and the next day I wasn’t even in pain.
During the initial consult, the doctor eased my fear by pointing out “I’ve been performing this surgery daily for 20+ years.”
I recommend, especially if you are afraid of this operation like I was.

Andy R.

First off, just calling to book an appointment I immediately felt respected and cared for unlike the 20 other oral surgeons and dentists office I had called that used a corny question/slogan upon answering. I felt the oral surgeon actually WANTED to help me. The facility is modern, clean and comfortable. The assistants and the provider are lovely, polite, patient, caring and wonderful. They are contracted with AHCCCS HEALTH NET which is like finding a needle in a haystack, as well as take Care Credit. I just can’t say enough, please if you want to feel safe go there!

Rush B.

This is by far one of the best Oral surgeon’s offices I have gone to!! From the moment we set foot in the office greeted and welcomed in the most professional and warmest way by Maria Luna made all the difference.. My child had a very comforting experience. The girls in the office were awesome with her! .. Dental assistant Yessenia Rodriguez was reassuring to my child making her the most comfortable possible she is a great asset to your office. The oral surgeon was comforting and fun & sweet all in one! Where else can you get that.. The whole team was knowledgable and warm but professional at the same time..Carefully answering any questions and concerns we had. I would pick you guys again to meet any of mine and my familys needs for sure!!! Thanks so much!!

Samantha S.

I was so nervous to get my wisdom teeth taken out because of the anesthesia process. But during my visit the whole staff made me feel comfortable and were able to relax me. It’s true what people say. You don’t remember going to sleep and when you wake up it’s like nothing ever happened. I highly recommend this place for any oral surgery you might need in the future. Thank you staff for such a great experience 👍

Anjelica L.

Phenomenal experience!!! By far the best!

Michael G.

I was very impressed with the oral surgeon and the office staff. My doctor has a wonderful bedside manner and keeps his patient calm and informed. I would highly recommend this office for any dental/surgical needs.

Tesh L.

My daughters experience couldn’t have gone any better. So thankful for everything.

Lana J.

The oral surgeon and the staff couldn’t have been kinder or more attentive. I’m very pleased with all aspects of my care.

Susan H.

The oral surgeon’s bedside manner is absolutely amazing. He takes the time to reassure you about the procedure and gives you positive information. After my tooth implants I was in a lot of pain. They called me about 6-7 hours after being home to check on my status. That is an overwhelming feeling of caring.
I have only a tooth extraction and the implants, but I would do it all over again…
Thank you!

Ron B.

…such a nice person as well as a good dentist. He addressed our concerns regarding our sons physical health and helped us to make informed decisions based on the needs of our son. my oral surgeon is a gentleman and just has an amazing disposition about himself. The staff is also stellar!

Marty Heather D.

Staff is extremely welcoming and helpful! They did an amazing job with my daughter’s surgery. He called to check in on her to see how her recovery was going. Both staff and doctor are very friendly and professional!!! Would highly recommend!

Tammy M.

My experience overall was exceptional. No pain, didn’t have to take any pain meds other than ibuprofen the first day. The staff and doctor are very nice and professional. They made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for my wonderful experience and I will/have referred you to friends and family.

Michael P.

All the people are very nice .

Veronica S.

I had a very good experience with the staff and procedure.

Mckinley O.

Extremely professional and great work. Excellent care for an extraction I needed. Thank you!

Isaak B.

I came here for my 11 year old daughter and while most places wouldn’t even give my daughter an xray without talking money…………this dr. didn’t think twice about anything but my daughter. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Kristina L.

I totally recommend this I felt very relaxed and welcomed. They made my extraction experience an awesome one. Thank you so much.

La Ree Je L.

A year ago I came to Dr. Knoll with two complicated wisdom teeth.
On my first visit, Dr. Knoll explained all required procedures, risks, and next steps. I don’t remember much about my second visit since I was under anesthesia. The healing process was smooth. And overall experience great.
Ladies at the front desk did an excellent job as well – for me waiting time was less than 3-4 minutes, they took care of all insurance related issues, gave me an honest price and answered all my questions (I had plenty). The whole team was professional, responsive and kind. Thank you so much!

Ragina G.

The whole team are ROCKSTARS!! I came 7/8/19 at 1:50 for a consult and a prayer I might get this bony impacted wisdom tooth out!! I’d been in pain for over a week and wanted to call it quits completely. After Richelle did a double X-ray because doctor found an extra tooth in my nasal way!! Very thorough because even my regular dentist hadn’t seen this, and teeth don’t grow over night. I was extremely nervous about going under but I was extremely grateful how calm everyone was, no one was going out of there way to be “over the top”. They didn’t rush me and finally I was ready to go to sleep. So amazing! If it wasn’t for the 400 copay I would sleep every time hahahahaha! Well all in all Sara( front desk) thank you for squeezing me in last minute. Richelle, Marisol, and Alex thank you so much for your bedside manner, and to Dr. thank you so much for your expertise and getting this paining up tooth out of my mouth!

Veronica W.

Dr. Knoll pulled my wisdom tooth and the process was quick and easy and before I knew it the procedure was done.He is an excellent oral surgeon always asking how you are doing during the procedure.

Pinksredsblues S.
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