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The team at California Oral and Facial Surgery, in Alameda, California, is committed to delivering state-of-the-art surgical services. We invest in the best available technologies such as digital CT 3D imaging to create clear and precise images of your jaw, teeth, and other facial structures to plan and deliver excellent surgical care and patient outcomes. Call California Oral and Facial Surgery or schedule a consultation online today for expert oral surgical services. 


Also referred to as dental cone beam computed tomography, CT 3D scans are a special type of X-ray that provides more detailed three-dimensional images of your:

  • Teeth
  • Jawbone
  • Other facial bones
  • Soft tissues
  • Nerve paths 

California Oral and Facial Surgery offers CT 3D scans from the comfort and convenience of their office in Alameda. The technology allows the surgical team to examine your mouth in detail for early and effective diagnosis and treatment. 


The team at California Oral and Facial Surgery use CT 3D scanning when routine dental X-rays don’t provide sufficient information. For example, they may recommend the advanced scan to:

  • Assess the placement of dental implantsCT3D X=ray Procedure Alameda, CA
  • Evaluate TMJ dysfunction and plan TMJ treatment
  • Examine teeth for orthodontic treatment planning and progress checks
  • Plan wisdom tooth removal
  • Visualize abnormal teeth and other developmental abnormalities
  • Analyze dental injury and plan restorative procedures
  • Evaluate the extent of facial trauma and plan treatment
  • Examine the bones and teeth for signs of infection or damage

This cutting-edge imaging equipment allows the surgeons to create precise surgical plans and deliver safe and effective operations. 


You will need to remove any jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids, or other devices that could interfere with the scan. Then, while you sit still, the scanner moves around your face and head, taking dozens of images or “slices.” When the scan is complete, the computer combines the images to create a digital 3D model of your head and neck.

The scan usually takes less than a minute although your surgeon may take traditional dental X-rays at the same time. 


CT 3D dental scans are very safe. While they do require more radiation than a traditional X-ray, your exposure is still minimal, and the team at California Oral and Facial surgery provides lead aprons and other protective devices to reduce your exposure as much as possible.



What does a dental CT scan show?

A Dental computed tomography (CT) scan is an advanced form of imaging technology that makes it possible for your dentist to examine areas inside your mouth in 3D. With CT3D your dentist can determine the best place to insert a dental implant, identify issues with your gums, the roots of your teeth, jaw as well as the tonsils, adenoids deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. 

Will a CT scan show a tooth infection?

If you have an aching tooth, an X-ray is sufficient to help identify whether it is caused by an abscess. Your dentist may be able to determine if the infection has spread to other areas, identifying other abscesses using X-rays. However, it would be recommended to use a CT scan if the infection has spread to the neck area, to discover the extent of the infection. 

Is CT scan necessary for root canals?

It may be necessary to use 3DCT when the root canals have become calcified. It can be difficult to see clearly the canals on a standard 2D x-ray when they are calcified. Using 3DCT gives a much clearer picture allowing the dentist to operate with the root canal system. 

Do you need a CT scan for dental implants?

CT3D can provide valuable diagnostics to help with the accurate, precise and safe placement of your dental implants. When a CT3D scan is used before a dental implant the procedure is likely to go smoother with less time in recovery.   

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon who’s committed to providing the best care before, during, and after your operation, call California Oral and Facial Surgery or make an appointment online today.

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