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Bone loss in your jaw is all too common because of issues including periodontal disease and tooth loss. If you have bone loss, the team of expert oral surgeons at California Oral and Facial Surgery, in Alameda, California, provide expert bone grafting procedures to restore your jaw, prepare for dental implants, and protect your oral health. Call or make an appointment online today. 

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure in which one of the surgeons at California Oral and Facial Surgery transplants bone tissue on to your jaw to encourage growth and strengthen your jaw. Bone graft tissue comes from a variety of sources including:

  • A human donor
  • A portion of bone taken from another area in your body
  • Animal source (i.e. bovine bone sample)
  • Synthetic bone material

The surgeons usually include growth factors and other proteins in your graft to encourage bone growth.

Why would I need bone grafting?

In many cases, bone loss in your jaw is detected during preoperative consultationsBone graft Alameda, CA and exams for dental implants. Your surgeon may also identify bone loss during a routine dental X-ray. 

Some of the common causes of bone density loss in your jaw include:

  • Periodontitis (advanced gum disease)
  • Certain cancer treatments
  • Abnormal hereditary bone formation
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Past trauma or fracture
  • Missing teeth

If your jaw isn’t strong enough to hold an implant or if bone loss is affecting your appearance, your surgeon at California Oral and Facial surgery can provide a bone grafting procedure. Bear in mind, it can take several months for your jawbone to grow and become more dense and strong. 

What is the procedure for bone grafting?

The surgeons at California Oral and Facial Surgery may provide bone grafting procedures immediately after a tooth extraction or they may need to perform a bone graft to prepare your jaw for dental implants. 

After providing a local anesthetic and a sedative, your surgeon begins by cutting into your gums to reveal the bone beneath. Once they reach your bone, they prepare the bone for the graft and apply the transplant material and any supporting growth factors and mesh before securing the graft and replacing your gums.

Call California Oral and Facial Surgery or schedule a consultation online if you have a referral for bone grafting or dental implants. The team offers expert oral surgeries and patient-focused care. 




A bone graft is one method of preventing dry socket. Dry socket is a painful condition that occurs when sensitive nerve endings are exposed within the gum after a tooth extraction. A blood clot will usually offer you some protection but they can easily be dislodged by eating, coughing, or sneezing. A bone graft will be placed in the socket covering the nerve endings preventing the condition to occur.


You are likely to end up with a weaker jaw bone if you don’t have a bone graft after a tooth extraction as it is common to see the alveolar ridge reduce in size. This is the part of the jaw bone just under the gum line. It happens mainly because there is no stimulation at that particular part of the jaw from the tooth. When we chew our food, the force exerted on our jaw stimulates new bone growth resulting in a strong jaw. A bone graft can give the jaw extra strength. You will need a strong jaw to support your remaining teeth and maintain facial shape. If you decide to have a dental implant after the extraction or even at a later date a bone graft can help provide a strong foundation for the artificial root.


You may have heard that it’s common to have a bone graft for dental implants but what about before fitting dentures? There are two good reasons why you may want to consider having a bone graft before having dentures fitted. Firstly, it will help you have a stronger jaw bone. Your jaw is the foundation for your dentures and needs to be strong to provide the needed support. Secondly, a bone graft will smooth the jaw bone. This aids the dentures in being more stable in the mouth, reducing slipping.

If you’re missing a tooth or several teeth, contact California Oral and Facial Surgery today to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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