How To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Mom and dad brushing teeth with little daugther - California Facial and Oral SurgeryIt’s every parent’s desire that their children have healthy teeth. Teaching your children good dental habits now will likely last long into their adult life. So how can you teach your children to get into a good routine of cleaning their teeth?

Tips For Healthy Kids Teeth

Try some of the following tips and help your kids get into a good oral hygiene routine.

  • Set an example – You are your children’s greatest heroes and they love to imitate the things you do. So go together with your children to brush your teeth and floss. They will likely feel more motivated than if you were just to send them there.
  • Teach them from a young age – You can teach your children from 3 years of age how to clean their teeth. To begin with, use toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice on their toothbrush. As they get used to spitting out the toothpaste rather than swallowing it you can increase the amount of the toothpaste until the size of a pea. As their teeth start to grow together introduce flossing and mouthwash.
  • Visit the dentist – Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be from 1 year of age or within 6 months of their first tooth appearing (whichever comes first). From then on you should take them every 6 months. You can schedule it at the same time as you go, again setting the example and making it more convenient for you. 
  • Communicate – Always be positive when talking to your children about the dentist and remind them of what to expect. This will help relax when they are being examined by the dentist. 
  • Limit the amount of sugar – High levels of sugar in the diet are the main causes of tooth cavities. Helping your children understand the dangers of eating too many sweets and sugary drinks can help you in your efforts to cut down. 
  • Time their brushing – It’s recommended to brush for at least 2 minutes each time. Help your child appreciate the time needed using tartar dyes or a timer. You could also try one of the many available apps designed to make brushing fun for kids. 
  • Consider sealants – Some parents decide to use sealants on their kid’s teeth. They can help prevent cavities which lead to the use of fillings.
  • Set targets and reward them – Track your kid’s teeth brushing activity using a chart. Along the chart, you could place rewards when they reach certain goals. The rewards could include trips out or toys.
  • Don’t share germs – Let all of your children have their own toothbrushes and label them if necessary. This will help them avoid sharing germs. You could also consider other ways they might share germs, including pacifiers, cups and other food utensils. 

When Kids Have Dental Complications

Sometimes when teeth are growing they experience problems such as not emerging as they should. It’s common to have this type of problem with wisdom teeth. In these cases, it may be recommended that you visit an oral surgeon to resolve these issues.

 The oral surgeons at California Oral and Facial Surgery can help remove wisdom teeth and impacted canines that are causing problems. They are located in Alameda, CA and serve those that live in and around the area. Book now to make an appointment.

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