Help with Overcoming Dental Phobias with Anesthesia

Dentist holding dental tools - Dental Anesthesia Alameda, CAIf you feel nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable about moving forward with dental surgery – or any dental work whatsoever, for that matter – because of dental phobias it’s important to understand that you are nowhere near alone.

Believe it or not, dental phobias and general fear and anxiety of visiting the dentist is close to a universal phenomenon. There isn’t anything at all uncommon about not wanting to have your teeth worked on, and there’s certainly nothing uncommon about not wanting your teeth to be drilled, split, or pulled out of your smile.

Thankfully though, when you choose to move forward with California Oral and Facial Surgery professionals you don’t have to worry about your dental phobias, fears, or anxieties getting the way of improving your dental health, either.

Taking advantage of the latest in anesthetic solutions to provide you with a stress-free service, the odds are good that the experts at California Oral and Facial Surgery can help guarantee that your appointment is pain-free, stress-free, and as anxiety-free as humanly possible.


There are a lot of root causes behind dental fears and phobias, with the most common fears stemming from:

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of needles and injections
  • Fear that anesthesia and painkillers will not work
  • Fear of anesthetic side effects
  • Fear of losing control
  • General embarrassment and discomfort

The experts at California Oral and Facial Surgery recognize and understand these fears and any others that may contribute to dental phobias and anxieties. They work hard to take advantage of modern medicine and research to make sure that all of these issues are alleviated when you come to have your work done.


A big part of why the professionals here at California Oral and Facial Surgery are so commonly recommended for dental procedures is because of their unique approach to using different anesthetic options for different fears and phobias.

Sometimes local anesthetic options are used to alleviate stress that may be stemming from fears of localized pain. Laughing gas can also be taken advantage of to provide a conscious relief of pain and anxiety, with IV sedation and general anesthetic options also available for those that do not want to be conscious when they are having dental work performed.

The dental experts you trust will walk you through all of the options available to help you find the right ones for your needs, resolving your fears and calming anxieties to help you get the best possible solutions going forward.

To learn more, contact the experts at California Oral and Facial Surgery today.


Can I be knocked out for simple procedures?

If you’re fears and phobias are preventing you from having any dental work done whatsoever the odds are good that your dental team at California Oral and Facial Surgery will find ways to use anesthesia and other options to make sure that you are totally comfortable no matter how simple or complex the procedure you’re thinking about having is.

How do I know which anesthesia solution works for me?

The dental team of experts here at California Oral and Facial Surgery will help walk you through your options, providing diagnostic solutions to figure out how you will respond to different solutions moving forward, and also making a recommendation about how to best proceed to get the results you’re after without any pain and without any fear.

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